About Us

Our school is not very old but it already has quite a story, from the early days when the whole school was contained in a few portacabins, through to its continuing growth and development today.

As our school has grown, we have collaborated with a number of artists who have worked with the children to create permanent pieces of art which enhance not only the buildings but also the quality of life of all who work among them.

The Mural Some description

As part of the school’s involvement in the National Gallery's 2008/9 ‘Take One Picture’ children in Reception and Key Stage 1 were lucky enough to work with ceramic artist Lynne Waylen. Lynne is a talented and inspiring artist and both the children and adults involved in the project had fun and learned lots from her.

Initially the children were asked to come up with designs based on weather idioms as a link to Renoir’s “The Umbrellas”. Lynne then pulled the designs together to plan a beautiful mural that was to adorn our new Key Stage 1 building. 

Some description  Some description  Some description   

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Children from all classes were then invited to join in clay workshops where Lynne, and a lot of helpful parents, supervised the cutting out and decorating of the tiles that would make up our mural.

The final themes were storm in a teacup Some description,

head in the clouds Some descriptionSome description  Some description

 and raining cats and dogs.Some description  Some description

The pieces were fired in the school kiln. The next stage was to call upon an army of fantastic parent helpers who again under Lynne’s expert supervision took on the painstaking task of glazing the tiles.


Some description

Some descriptionThe mural was installed by Lynne at the end of July - a truly collaborative piece of which children and parents should feel proud.

Some description

The Archway

The wooden archway on the path leading to the adventure playground was created by Robert Jakes using designs by the children. It is 1.8m wide and about 3m tall and reflects the children's views on their community.


Some description Some description Some description 

First select your tree...    Using a power saw.         Starting to take shape.  

Some descriptionPatterns are made, ready to transfer the children's designs to the wood                                                                                   

Some description  Some description Some description 

Marking the outlines       Arranging the designs       Gathering the pieces 

Some description  Some description        

  Treating the design        The pieces are bolted together   

 Some description                                   Some description

  The arch is given strong metal supports        Our Arch in place.

The Courtyard

Our beautiful evergreen oak arrives all the way from Italy.        
Some description     Some description    Some description Here it is standing in our courtyard.

The children worked with sculptor Paul Margetts on the design of the beautiful wall sculpture "The Tree of Life" on the wall in our courtyard.

While we were still in the portacabins Paul Margetts visited the school to demonstrate how he works.
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