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KS2 Performance Data

We provide here an overview of our Key Stage 2 (KS2) results for the academic year 2017/2018, whch ended in July 2018. National Curriculum tests report results as 'scaled scores'. In order to meet the expected standard, children must achieve a scaled score of 100 or more in their tests. A key indicator in these results is how Elvetham Heath Primary School compares with the National average.


  EHPS  National Average 
 Scaled Score 108.3   105.1
 % children who achieved expected standard or above  87.6 75.3 


  EHPS  National Average 
 Scaled Score 108.1  104.4 

% children who achieved expected standard or above 

 89.9  75.6

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

  EHPS  National Average 
 Scaled Score  109.1  106.2
% children who acheieved expected standard or better  93.3   77.7

Writing - this is assessed by teachers in the school and not by a test

  EHPS  National Average 
 % children who achieved expected standard or better  96.6 78.3 

A number of pupils achieve higher than expected levels each year in Reading, Writing and Maths

 % children who achieved a high level of attainment  EHPS National Average 
Reading   46.1 28.1 
 Writing 39.3 19.9 
 Maths  41.6 23.6 
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 49.4 34.4

Progression Scores

These measures look at progress at a school level, rather than individual pupils. Progress measures provide you with information to help understand how Elvetham Heath Primary School is performing and to inform your school choices. School progression scores are explained in detail in a Department of Education guide - Primary School Progress Measures

 Subject Progress Score  The national average score for progress is 0.
 Reading  1.32
 Writing 2.11 
 Maths  1.86

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