Sports Funding






What is the Sports Premium?

The government has been providing £150 million per annum since 2013-2014 to provide substantial new funding for primary school sport. It is funding to build on the existing provision schools have to improve the quality of PE and sport for all children. The Sports Premium is to make high quality PE and Sport sustainable into the future by embedding within school life culture to enhance:

  • Achievement
  • Attendance and behaviour
  • Development of inclusive society
  • Raise levels of participation in sport and physical activity
  • Self-esteem, teamwork, volunteering and leadership skills
  • Positive effect on health

Schools must spend the sports funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Primary PE Sports Grant Award

Number of pupils funded:


Basic Grant /per pupil allocation  - June payment:

2013/14: £0.00        2014/15: £4,068        2015/16: £4,444

Basic Grant / per pupil allocation - November payment:

2013/14: £6,557       2014/15: £6,221        2015/16:£6,215

Total grant received each financial year:

              £6,557                    £10,289                  £10,659

Objective  of Primary Sports Grant

At Elvetham Heath Primary School we have a strong commitment to PE and school sport, and believe that this will manifest itself at many different levels.  We aim to give all our children a positive experience in a wide variety of sports, both competitive and non-competitive, truly believing that all the known benefits of sport can be accessed by all our children. Both through sport taught in curriculum time and through extra-curricular activities we will encourage, nurture and challenge all the children.

In 2014/15 we used our sports grant to:

  • Our lead practitioner is a role model who encourages children to participate in regular sports activities and competitions, extends the provision on offer and works closely with local schools to support better collaboration
  • Increase participation of children in intra and interschool tournaments and competitions for KS1 and KS2
  • Provide sports training for staff
  • Extend support from specialist coaches across the school(hockey, cricket, football )
  • Create opportunities for gifted and talented children in sports to extend their skills at a higher level
  • Train children as sports leader in the school to act as role models and support the development of skills in other children
  • Extend sports resources available






Lead practitioner


Increase participation in sports activities and competitions. 37% of KS2 children represented the school at a competitive level.

Build children’s confidence and self-belief

Extend specialist sports coaches to provide support in Y2 to 6

Free to school

To encourage all to take an interest in sports.

Greater participation outside of school (Children have joined clubs, e.g. Girls Cricket)

Coaching staff


To ensure high quality provision is established and maintained by non PE Specialist staff

Improved teacher confidence

Lunchtime boys football Y5/6


To improve the quality and skills of the team for inter-school competition

League and cup success (See above)

Lunchtime boys football Y2/3/4


To encourage long term development and commitment to sport/team

To develop Y6 as coaches

Increase technical ability

Greater maturity in Y6 due to level of responsibility

‘Match specific’ Thursday Club


To prepare teams for inter-school competitions

League winners (See honours list below)

2 x less able Breakfast Club (5-8 weeks per group)

£   1080

To improve confidence, self-esteem and sporting ability

Better relationships with adults ( teacher feedback)

Elite sports people Breakfast Club

£    720

To further improve technical abilities and encourage a winning mentality

(See honours list)

Intra-school competitions

£   960

To provide competitive ‘real’ opportunities for children across the school. Every child in KS2 participated in at least one intra sports event.

Children are more enthusiastic about PE lessons



 Academic year



Total grant received


  £ 10,665 

Total spend

 £ 22,150

  £ 22,430

Sports grant remaining






We intend to continue the above projects as long as funding allows. The priorities for 2015/16 include:

  • More intra-school competitions across year groups.
  • Increase competitive opportunities for a range of children to compete against other local schools.
  • Develop more autonomy amongst Y6 pupils to develop their own clubs which support skills acquisitions and promote sport.
  • Continue professional development of staff in PE with a particular focus on NQTs and new staff joining the school.
  • Provide lunchtime clubs targeting reluctant sport participants (to be run by Sports Captains).
  • Increase girls’ desire and motivation to participate in sporting activities.
  • Provide opportunities for KS1 children to compete against other schools in a non-threatening environment.
  • Provide more competitive elements to the school Sports Day.


Sporting Success 2014 to 2015

Indoor Athletics Champions

Basketball Cup Winners - 2015 (losing finalists in the Hampshire Games)

Cross– country league winners - girls

Cross - country league winners - boys

Cross - country league winners - Team

Festival of Running Boys’ winners

Hockey league champions (losing semi-finalists in the Hampshire Games)

Rugby league winners x2 (represented our region in the Hampshire Games)

Standing Cup Football champions

Millennium Cup x-country winners

Yr 4 Girls x-country winners

Yr 4 Boys x-country winners

Individual girls’ Yr 4 x-country winner - Grace

Yr 4 Boys Football Champions

Yr 5 Cricket Champions

Yr 5 Athletics Champions.



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