Collective Worship Organisation

Collective Worship Organisation

On Monday the children meet as key stages to have an assembly led by a member of the leadership team. Leadership assemblies establish the theme for the week.  and include a celebration of achievement with certificates every two to three weeks. These awards are given for a range of accomplishments such as sporting achievements, music grade awards, teacher’s achievement certificates and STEP badge awards.

On Tuesday children are either involved in an assembly in their classroom or attend choir. In both situations an act of worship is included.

The children meet as key stages each Wednesday for hymn practices which includes an act of worship.

On Thursday the Foundation Stage / Key Stage One and Key Stage Two have separate assemblies led by staff from each phase. These assemblies further develop the weekly theme discussed at the leadership assembly. Class celebration certificates may also be given at these assemblies.

On Friday classes hold their annual focus assembly. This is a celebration of their work and is shared with parents and governors. Their parallel classes, twinned class from the alternate phase and siblings are invited to join the celebration. Where there is no focus assembly planned, there will be a class or year group assembly organised by the class teacher or year leader. Every Friday afternoon there is a celebration assembly for each Key Stage led the Headteacher - Star of the Week certificates are awarded, Book Worm badges are given out, school sporting results are shared and children share their birthday highlights. 

The school also involves a range of individuals from the school and wider community, outside speakers and visiting groups depending on current themes, topical issues and planned events.