Teaching and Learning

How do we encourage our children to learn?

“…we will provide an inspiring curriculum built on thematic activities and first-hand experiences, which will motivate and challenge the children through investigative and creative learning ... ”

“…we will provide a well-organised, stimulating and secure learning environment in which children’s previous knowledge is challenged and enhanced, and where their best efforts are celebrated ... ” (School Aims)

We provide each child with a relevant curriculum that not only covers the requirements of the national curriculum, but also enables pupils to become self-motivated and show respect and consideration for others.



We follow a systematic and rigorous programme of phonics called ‘Letters and Sounds’, which is designed to teach children how the alphabet works for reading and spelling by fostering children’s speaking and listening skills in preparation for learning phonic knowledge and skills. This is supplemented by ‘Jolly Phonics’ in the Early Years Foundation Stage, with children learning a song and action to accompany each phoneme.

Phonic lessons take place daily in Reception and Year 1 classes, and are taught as discrete 20 minute sessions. Each lesson follows the structure of review, teach, practise and apply. In Year 2, the children are taught phonics alongside spelling rules and patterns.

Please find the KS1 Y1 phonics comparative report 2017.

Please find the KS1 Y2 phonics comparative report 2017