In Year R the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is planned around half termly themes and there is a greater emphasis on learning through play. In Key Stages 1 and 2 the curriculum is separated into core and foundation subjects. Most foundation subjects are incorporated into the children’s themed topics, this is particularly the case for History, Geography, Art, Technology, Computing and Music. The core subject of science is also taught primarily through themed topics.

Some subjects, such as PE, and RE, PSHE are taught discretely as they do not necessarily lend themselves to an integrated approach. French is taught by our specialist, Mrs J Mitchell, in KS2.

The core subjects of English and Maths are also taught discretely although meaningful links to the themed topic and “sites of application” across the curriculum are used by teachers to give the children’s work coherence and relevance.

The National Curriculum specifies the skills, processes, knowledge and understanding that pupils should be taught and this in turn informs our schemes of work for each subject. Our schemes of work describe in detail the learning objectives and expectations in each subject and for each year group and these in turn inform our topic planning.  In addition to this we have identified “non-negotiable” skills in Writing and Mathematics in each  year group that are a minimum requirement for all pupils.

Please see our Curriculum Maps under each year group for more specific information.