School Pond

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The school pond has been having a makeover. The Fleet Pond Society has been working hard for the last couple of months to turn our wildlife  pond into a resource that we can be proud of and will enhance our childrens learning experiences. 

Some descriptionSome description The school pond had become a bit over grown.

In Septermber the transfomation began with parents, staff and children taking a morning to gather wildlife and clear the vegetation. The Fleet Pond Society members were on hand to identify all the little creepy crawlies and creatures that were discovered.

Once the area had been cleared The Fleet Pond Society set about with the redesign. The pond itself has been made larger and a new boardwalk has been built to enable more children to safely access the pond. 

To read more about the project and other activities that the Fleet Pond Society is involved with please click this link.

Thank you to everyone that has helped and contributed towards this project.

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