We use an internet based service called Parentmail to send our newsletters, information and also short-notice text messages. This service has proved invaluable to busy parents who appreciate the instant, easy and secure access to current and historical communications.

Recently we have increased our links with Parentmail to make parent evening bookings and for sending letters that need a response, making further savings to the school’s resources.

It allows the school to make resource savings as well as improve the reliability and security of our contact with you. We take the first priority email address and mobile telephone number that you give us for our school information systems for each parent and transfer to Parentmail so that we can communicate with you.

We regard electronic notification as a significant environmental step forward in our efforts to keep you informed of all school activities and would therefore ask you to complete the form below so that we can communicate with you via Parentmail.

We take the details that you give us on the registration form and record this in our School Information Management System (SIMS) and transfer child’s name, year, class, dob, parents name, e-mail, mobile number to our school’s Parentmail account to make an account for each resident parent to access communications that we send. Parentmail also offer an APP service for iPad and android devices

If you need to make changes to your Parentmail account details please click here for your direct link to Parentmail.

Please also contact us with the changes so that we update our school systems