Environmental matters

We continue to look at how we can improve our carbon footprint, by reducing paper wastage and making more use of our recycling and compost bins. As well as registering for ParentMail® to reduce our paper and printing output, you can assist us by giving your child a piece of fruit that is prepared – ready to eat, as a morning snack; our compost bins struggle to cope with excess fruit wastage as they need a fair mix of products in order to work well.

Battery recycling

With 600+ children in school, we are in a good position to be able to recycle a few batteries! You can drop your used batteries into our recycling box in the library. We are registered as a recycling partner and can dispose of the batteries in a safe and environmentally friendly way.



Although we have now had significant work to improve the quality and safety of our sleeper steps that surround most of the grounds, during continued periods of wet weather the children are not to use the sleeper steps as they can become slippery. Parents please also take care when passing through any stepped areas during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times.


Pond Safety

A reminder to parents that we do have a pond on-site, which is tucked away past the Adventure Play area and is fenced off with locked gates. We have strict guidelines during school hours regarding the use and access to the pond area. It is worth remembering that young children should not be allowed to roam the school grounds unaccompanied during collection and pick-up times.


Trim Trail / adventure play area / Year R play equipment

Children should not play on the trim trail, Year R equipment or adventure play areas unsupervised at the end of the school day; we regularly remind all pupils of this and ask you to reinforce this message.

The trim trail was given to the school by the Friends, as a 10th birthday gift, and we use this and the adventure play area regularly with the children during the school day under staff supervision.

We have warning signs by the trim trail, adventure play area and by the pond, and we request that all parents read and adhere to these notices.