Health and well being


We have a number of pupils who have allergic reactions to foods which can be triggered by ingestion and even by close contact. For some children their allergic reaction can be particularly severe. For this reason we would like to remind parents that packed lunches should not contain nuts of any kind, peanut butter, chocolate spread or sesame seed, all of which can trigger a severe reaction in some children.I realise that some items cannot be easily identified, however, we do ask that you help those children who can have a severe reaction to foods by avoiding the obvious ones. Other items such as eggs and fruit can also set off an allergic reaction, so please explain to your child that they must not share their food with anyone else.


Bug Busting

Head lice and nits are unfortunately a familiar part of the school environment. However, by using conditioner and wet combing your child’s hair, as part of your normal routine is an effective measure to reduce the spread. If you haven’t got a comb, they are widely available at chemists or we do have a few spare, please ask at reception. Let us all help the school to remain a ‘nit free zone’!



In the hot summer days, we do have some shaded areas to keep the children protected during the lunchtime period; however the main playground and field are exposed to full sun. Lunchtime supervisors and the teachers will remind children to take a break if they look like they are getting too much sun. If and when the sun does arrive, please help us by applying an ‘all day cover’ sun cream in the morning, bringing in a named sun cap and reminding your child to take a break if they are hot. Please do not bring sunglasses into school, children are not allowed to wear them. Let’s hope we do get to see some good weather over the summer!


Cycle Safety

A reminder that we are happy for pupils (and younger siblings) to scooter in, however they must all dismount at the school gates. If you need to leave your scooter it must be neatly placed in the cycle/scooter racks. Only unaccompanied pupils in Years 4 and above, wearing a suitable helmet and holding a ‘cycle permit’ are allowed to ride a bicycle to school. Please see Mrs Drew for details of how to obtain a permit, noting that you will need to have completed cycling proficiency - Stage One. The school can take no responsibility for bicycles and scooters left in the rack provided.


Smoking and Vaping

It is against the law to smoke anywhere in the school grounds and it would be helpful if smokers refrained from ‘lighting up’ until they were well away from the congested areas outside of the school at busy times of dropping or collecting children.



We would like to remind you that dogs are not allowed on the school site. Dog owners need to be aware that some children and adults are not comfortable walking past dogs that are leashed to the railings and our exits can be very congested, so please be considerate to others in this respect. Dogs can also be distracted by the amount of activity near the school entrances so please do not leave them unattended and parents with younger children should keep their distance.

 For more information on our Health and Safety policy please go to the policy section.