School Day

The school day starts at 8.50am and ends at -

3.10pm for Reception pupils;

3.15pm for Years 1 & 2;

3.20pm for Years 3 - 6.

All children have a break for lunch and a fifteen-minute break during the morning, there are separate Infant and Junior break times. The Infant classes:  Year R , 1 and 2 also have an afternoon break.

The time spent in classes for teaching exceeds the government’s recommended minimum.

We want to care for your children and see that they are properly supervised whilst in school. Children should arrive promptly, but they should not arrive in school until 8.40am nor remain after 3.25pm unless special arrangements have been made with the Headteacher or your child is attending an extra-curricular activity.

The school office is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

We ask parents to provide a healthy snack to eat at morning break - a piece of fruit / vegetable - no sweets or chocolate please. Junior children (Y3 - Y6) can purchase a healthy snack from the trolley for 40p at morning break time.

Year R children are provided with a piece of fresh fruit / vegetable every day. Year R parents may wish to provide their own additional fruit / vegetable snack if they wish.

All children are asked to bring a bottle of water into class which is accessible to them throughout the day (no other drinks are permitted, however parents may provide a fruit juice in their child's lunch box).  There is also drinking water available at lunchtimes in the dining halls and there are water fountains located throughout the school; the children are encouraged to drink regularly.

All parents are able to arrange for their child to receive a carton of milk every school day. Our partners Cool Milk deliver three times a week and parents can pay directly to this company. Milk is free to children who are under 5, receive Free School Meals or where the school receive Pupil Premium funding and it is subsidised for children aged five or older.

The lunchtime break is supervised by a team of lunchtime assistants, managed by the Headteacher. In addition, there is always a senior member of staff on duty.

Children have lunch at school by either:

  • bringing a packed lunch, or
  • paying for a school meal in advance.

Children in Years R, 1 & 2 can be provided with a free meal,  for other children the current cost of a school meal is £2.20. We prefer parents to make on-line payments via the Tucasi link for lunch and school trip payments. Alternatively you can pay by cheque in a sealed envelope identifying what the payment is for, along with your child's name and class. Payment can be made on a weekly or half-termly basis.

For more information about school meals including menus and information on free school meal eligibilty see our Pabulum section in School Community.  

We understand that parents of those children that bring in packed lunch boxes know what their child will eat in school. We do encourage all children, whether school meal or packed lunch, to eat their ‘main course’ before eating their ‘pudding’ in the same way as you would do at home.  Please do not include sweets, sesame seeded items or items containing nuts/ Nutella. Chocolate-covered biscuits eg Penguins are permitted, but not Twix, Mars bars etc.