Where to Park

Parents can park in the bays near to the Key Community Centre, in Morrisons car park or in Turners Way car park which is adjacent to the back of the school.

Parking on the roads directly outside the school seriously compromises the sight lines and endangers the safety of the children. Please DO NOT PARK in these areas or in residential areas. Whilst there are not double-yellow lines against every kerb/bollard, it only takes common sense to see where it is dangerous to park. Unlike most schools we are very fortunate that we have alternate parking arrangements.

We ask parents to take particular care when using the Turners Way car park due to the large numbers of children and vehicles now using this to access the school. You will occasionally see our community police officers showing their support at the start and end of the school day at both of our entrances.

Disabled Bay

There is a designated disabled bay in Turners Way car park at the back of our school, closest to the entrance. Please DO NOT use this as an additional parking slot, this is specifically for drivers displaying a ‘blue badge’.

We also have a disabled parking bay in our school car park. As the gates remain closed during the school day, please give advanced notice if you are visiting during the day and we will arrange to open the gates. Disabled parking spaces are also available in the Morrisons car park and the Church car park, and visitors, parents and carers of pupils at Elvetham Heath Primary School with disabled badges are welcome to use both of these.

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Disabled spaces in Morrisons car park.

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Disabled spaces in the church car park,
and the raised road crossing.

For those approaching from Morrisons car park, there is a raised road crossing between the main entrance to Morrisons and the church.

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At the 'school' end of Morrisons car park the parking spaces are served by a ramp down to pavement level.  There is a slightly lowered pavement edge nearby, and a lowered pavement edge on the other side of the road near the school car park gates.

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Ramp from Morrisons car park.

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Slightly lowered pavement edge.

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Lowered pavement edge near school car park gates.