Would you like to help improve our children’s education? Then please look out for our next announcement for new governors to share in our task of overseeing all aspects of the school’s work.

We are responsible for areas like finance, premises, personnel, special educational needs, safeguarding, as well as what the children learn. We are looking for people willing to take an interest, or with skills, in some of these areas. Mostly we meet in the evening, but it’s important that you can sometimes visit during the school day.

You don’t need any existing connection with the school - just be willing to get to know it. You can find more information about the governor role at If interested, please contact the school office on 01252 622205.


Being a governor is a rewarding and sociable activity, and governors are progressively encouraged to take a full part in working with all aspects of school life. You can find out more about becoming a school governor on the Hampshire website.

Governors are drawn from various areas of the local community including the local authorities, the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as parents. The membership of the Governing Body is listed below, and you can find out a little more about each of our governors.

There are 15 governors who meet five times a year as a whole group and more often in committees. The governors perform a vital role in the strategic management of the school, keeping a watchful eye on all aspects of the school’s work. This includes a key role in evaluating standards, recruiting members of staff, ensuring that the school is run on a sound financial basis and developing the school’s premises. The committee chairs play a particularly important role, steering the work of the Governing Body and working closely with the Headteacher. Dates of meetings are listed in this section.

Our governors regularly take part in training and self-evaluation exercises in order continually to improve their effectiveness at our school.


School Profile

The school profile provides government statistics on attendance and pupil performance, with accompanying information about our school. You can view our profile online.

Governor Visits

Our school governors take an active part in our daily school life, as well as attending Governing Body meetings that often take place at the end of the school day. They regularly attend Parents and Curriculum Evenings, as well as taking time to spend with our pupils. All of our Governors have spent time with pupils during lessons and supported classes on enrichment trips, attending assemblies and important celebrations.