Some description My name is Naomi. I am the Head girl of our  school. I live with my parents and have one older sister and a younger brother who is also at EHPS. My favourite time of the year is Christmas, a time for family and friends, along with the Christmas Choir concert and all the fun activities we do in class. My role in school is to run school council meetings with Mrs Bryant-Jones and the Head boy, as well as showing visitors around school along side the ambassadors. I am a representative of the school and work to be a good role model. I wish to help Mrs Robinson’s project to promote use of our virtues because I think kindness, patience, respect, responsibility and perseverance are far more important than wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.





Some descriptionHello, my name is Eve and my role in the school is Deputy Head girl. It is amazing being the Deputy Head Girl but with great power comes great responsibility and I hope to set an excellent example to all of the talented children in Elvetham Heath Primary School (EHPS for short). Like most people in our school I have a few hobbies, one of them is singing; I also love to read! We will be supporting Mrs Robinson in her quest to deliver virtues across the school. We intend to support children in Year R, 1 and 2. I hope your child – depending on who is reading this – enjoy their time at our super school. 






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My name is Rayan and I am the Deputy Head Boy at our school. I am delighted and proud to have been given this role because it has increased my skills in co-operation as I work with the other deputy and head boy and girl. I enjoy reading, playing guitar and football in my spare time. I hope to encourage pupils to use our school virtues, not only the core five (respect, responsibility, kindness, perseverance and honesty) but all the virtues. I attend school council meetings and my job is to write down all the important notes. My other job is to liaise with all adults in school and ask for messages and then to read them out in assembly.