House Points

House points are small coin-shaped tokens which are given out usually by teachers or other staff for, good pieces of work, children trying their best and when polite gestures are made towards others.

Each individual child will earn as many house points as possible throughout the course of the 5 school-days. These house points are collected and added up by the house captains and some additional volunteers near the end of the school week. Once the house points have been collected from each class they are added to the total for each house.

Each child is placed in their own house in Year R and if they have older siblings in the school they will enter the same house as their brother or sister. The houses include; Ennis (red house), Simmonds (blue house), Farah (green house) and Hoy (purple house).

At the end of the school year the house with the most tokens wins the house point trophy for that year and the whole process begins again when the new school year starts .

In addition, once a month children have the chance to be rewarded with a bronze , silver, gold or platinum house point which they can keep. We decided at the start of the year that to achieve bronze they will have to earn 30 house points , for silver they will need 60 , for gold they need 90 and for platinum they will need 120.

The house points are used to reward each child for the good deeds they have completed during the day.

We hope you now fully understand our house point system.