School Council


The School Councillors For September 2018 to February 2019

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Year 1

Oxenbury Class – Alex and Amelie

Potter Class – Francesca and Blaze

Milne Class – Tia and Jensen

Year 2

Dahl Class- Joe and Olivia

Armitage Class – Ellie and Daniel

Briggs Class – Caitlyn and Oli

Year 3

Grahame Class – Max and Isla

Ransome Class - Harry and Evan

Morpurgo Class – Thomas and Chloe

Year 4

Carroll Class – Skye and Alex

Tolkien Class – Isla and Amelie

Hughes Class – Athina and Ollie

Year 5

Dickens Class – Francis and Vishudhi

Kipling Class – Alex and Gracie

Nesbit Class –Suzy and Noah

Year 6

Lewis Class – Renee and Tabby

Chaucer Class – Charlotte and Aaron

Shakespeare Class – Amelie and Max