We have a range of teaching and support staff that work with the children in many different ways throughout the school day. As a primary school we have three different groups of pupils, Foundation Stage and Key Stage One catering for children from age 4 to age 7, and Key Stage Two which includes children from age 7 to age 11.

Here is a full list of staff working in school:

Megan Robinson    
Deputy Headteachers    
Lawrence Britt     
Debbie Nicholass  
Teachers Teaching support                      Office staff
Jo Atkinson Julie Acott Sue McArdle
Louise Ayre Tania Armes Lisa Drew
Rebecca Barbey Farjana Begum Michele Graves
Adam Barrett Nabila Berrachedi Sarah Ludlam
Zoe Barton Sharon Blackburn Tracey Wood
Becky Broom Claire Boxall Sara Collyer
Penny Bryant-Jones                   Janette Brodie                     Jessica Lewis                          
Sacha Buck Sian Carter  
Kirsty Carver Leanne Champion  
Nick Clappison Karen Cheung  
Naomi Cooke Anne Croft Site Manager
Ruth Courtney Jeanne Fox Chris Vickery
Claire Crummay Megan Frearson  
Mark Dinnin Julia French Site Assistant
Zoe Douglas Helen Gammer Sandra Plunkett
Caroline Hardy Naomi Gibbs  
Elizabeth Hoad Anna Gouveia  
Carole Hunt Jacque Harley Lunch Time Staff
Abbie Jefford Sharon Healy Karin Prinsloo - Lead
Natalie Jones Christina Hodson Chin Cho
Steve Mannion Charley Howard Melissa Cutler
Laura Martin Niki Lall Lucy Gallagher
Joanna Mitchell Toby Leivers Jenny Gillam-Blair
Nicola Orchard Beatrice McNicholas Leeanne Haury
Rebecca Mellish Kirsty Morley Bhanu Jani
Africa Pearce Rose Morris Akriti Johri
Karen Rapley Lindsey Murphy Hayley Kavanagh
Emily Reece Nicola Page Maria Mackie
Emma Sargent Sylvia Pascoe Anita Norsworthy
Sam Taylor Karin Prinsloo Felix O'Hanlon
Emma Stickland Lisa Quin Rita O'Hanlon
  Claire Rutherford Kerrie Presland
  Pauline Slatter Liz Seary
  Jackie Thompson Kandy Wright
  Alison Vincent  
  Wendy Walters  
  Maddie Watts  
  Di Weaver  
  Vanessa Williams  
  Pauline Willoughby  
  Andrew Wilson  
  Rachel Windeatt  
  Tracey Wood  



Here is a breakdown of the class teachers including year group leaders:

  Year group leaders: Class teachers:  
Reception Year               Butterworth Ahlberg Inkpen
Miss Taylor Mrs Stickland Mrs Buck
Year One Potter Oxenbury Milne
Mrs Martin Miss Orchard          Mr Barrett
Year Two Briggs Dahl Armitage
Mrs Bryant-Jones               Mrs Hardy               Miss Ayre
Year Three Grahame Morpurgo Ransome
Mrs Rapley Miss Barbey Mrs Cooke           
Year Four Hughes Tolkien Carroll 
Mr Dinnin Miss Reece Mrs Jones
Year Five Dickens Kipling Nesbit
Mrs Sargent Mrs Douglas Miss Jefford
Year Six Chaucer Shakespeare Lewis
Miss Crummay Mrs Mellish Mrs Hunt