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We ensure that art is inclusive and accessible to all pupils whatever their ability or cultural background. Our school offers opportunities for the children to explore and experiment with lots of different techniques and materials, fostering enjoyment and confidence in Art. We welcome professional organisations and parents working in the creative design industries to enhance our learning and we also enjoy special whole school art events, such as The National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’ scheme.

Children are encouraged to express themselves using a wide range of materials and equipment and so develop their artistic skills. Through artistic expression they develop the ability to record experiences, observations and imaginings and so gain a greater understanding of their world.

Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles,collage and ICT are the main areas of work and children are taught progressively about colour, pattern, texture, line and form to develop their ability and confidence. They are also taught about great artists and learn to appreciate their work and use them for inspiration in their own projects.

Reception Year children explore art through play, creating pictures and sculptures that use a variety of materials, tools and techniques. In our indoor and outside provision children have access to transient objects to create art that has different colours, form and texture. The children also have free access to paint, paper, glue, tape and other resources enabling them the opportunity to experiment and explore many ways to represent their ideas.

Take One Picture  

We take part in the National Gallery’s Take One Picture scheme every other year. We have a special week planned and have so much fun exploring the painting in a cross curricular way. The next painting we will be studying is 'Men of the Docks' by George Bellows, an Amercian realist painter.

An Art Week has been an exciting new addition to the curriculum when we showcase a wealth of our pupils’ artistic talent. Every year group had great fun painting, sketching, clay modelling, taking photographs and sculpting using a variety of different materials. We also looked at paintings by famous artists and interpreted them in our own way through different media.

The art work of 3 different year groups can now be admired in our main hall as the classes collaborate on a particular theme to display for the whole school and visitors to enjoy. The most recent theme was ‘Buildings’. The variety of mediums and ideas creates an amazing display.