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The curriculum focuses around three strands:

  1. Computer Science: Understanding that computer programs follow precise instructions (algorithms). Creating and debugging their own programs. Beginning to understand how computer networks and the internet work
  2. Information Technology: Using a range of technology and software, including the internet to create digital content
  3. Digital Literacy: Communicating and collaborating online and E-safet

In EYFS children develop their understanding of how to use a computer, for example mouse skills and opening and closing a program. They are introduced to basic coding skills through using Beebots.

Throughout KS1 and KS2 pupils use Espresso to introduce coding.

In Year 1 pupils begin to build digital literacy skills through projects such as digital Christmas card making and build on their understanding of technology.

In Year 2 pupils develop data interpretation skills, create screen books and begin to learn about emailing.

In Year 3 pupils continue to build on the skills they have been taught in KS1. They build on their typing skills and begin to access video editing software. 

In Year 4 pupils use Purple Mash to apply their skills and create logos. 

In Year 5 pupils use the computers to design and power a 3D model which links to their Design and Technology project. They are introduced to a blogging format which allows them to apply the digital literacy skills they have learnt. 

In Year 6 pupils get the opportunity to become game developers. They use their computing skills to program and integrate crumble boards as part of their Design and Technology project.


In school, we teach your children about the importance of staying safe when using technology and online resources through a variety of ways. These include the importance of keeping passwords secret and not sharing personal information. As well as these important messages, we also take part in national events such as ‘Safer Internet Day’, where all children will have an assembly which focuses on age appropriate e-safety issues, followed by an opportunity to discuss these messages further in their class.

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