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Year 2

All classes at Elvetham Heath Primary School are named after famous authors. In Year 2 they are called Thomas (taught by Miss Ayre), Dahl (taught by Mrs Hatter) and Browne (taught by Mrs Hardy).


Year 2 Team (ID 1210)


Year 2 have spent a busy half term zooming into space! Our Out Of This World topic has been greatly enjoyed by all and has touched on many of our lessons.

The children were shocked to find our usually tidy library filled with the antics from an invasion of cheeky aliens! The children found the mischievous aliens hiding amongst the books, wrapping teddies in tinfoil, and eating Mrs Couldrey’s secret chocolate stash. Using their letter writing skills the children wrote to the aghast Mrs Robinson explaining who had caused this terrible mess and ignored their virtues!

Our next writing task caused great excitement as the children designed a rocket suitable for Bob the man on the moon (Man on the Moon: by Simon Bartram). They were delighted to help Bob, an astronaut who works on the moon and his busy job ensuring that the moon is clean and tidy, selling souvenirs to guests, presenting to tourists and performing acrobatics. The children used their outstanding description skills and new found understanding of the possessive apostrophe to create amazing descriptions.

‘Look Up’ was the theme of the next book (Look Up! by Nathan Bryon). In awe the children learnt all about meteor showers and the wonders of the sky. We practiced creating ‘out of this world’ noun phrases and created pieces of persuasive writing convincing people to look up rather than at a screen (so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to look into the night’s sky!)
After a short interlude where we did some practice to become secret agents, we watched a video with a wiggly eared pink alien doing some funky dancing and being chased by a cat. This gave us the inspiration to create a retell of the alien’s visit to Earth!

Finally, we took a field trip to the moon (Field Trip to the Moon by John Hare) with the children becoming excited about the idea that Elvetham Heath Primary School could go on such a trip too (sadly, this is not within budget yet!) Our storytelling skills have been developed and we have been practicing using conjunctions to extend our sentences.

All of the children’s writing has been supported by a fascinating history topic on Space Travel. The children used their virtue of curiosity as they answered questions including, when did we first travel to Space? Who are the significant individuals in space travel? And even predicting what the future of space travel might look like!

Aliens were brought to life in our DT topic. With great excitement the children researched existing puppets, explored different materials, designed and created eye catching alien puppet and they are all thrilled to be visiting Year R in the last week of term to perform their alien performance. They researched a range of existing products to work out what would be the best way to make their puppets.

The designing did not stop there. Having studied Eddie Martinez, an American sculptor, they looked to create their own alien sculptures. The children based their designs upon something that could be in space and created a sculpture using recyclable materials in the style of Eddie Martinez. The children used the virtues of resourcefulness, teamwork and creativity to create some ‘out of this world’ sculptures.

Zooming into Indoor PE the children have been using their teamwork virtue to create space themed dances to the song Sam Ryder’s ‘Space Man’. The children investigated moving in a variety of ways with leaps, high and low movements and moving in time to the music.

The classroom was filled with dramatic music as we compared the Star Wars theme tune to the much gentler Clangers theme! The children learnt about pitch and compared the tunes. Our music then combined with our Computing as we learnt that we could create music using the iPad on Chrome Music Lab and they investigated making a range of different sounds using the programme.

Whilst our maths hasn’t taken us into space, it has taken us outside! Year 2 love taking their learning outside to the learning lodge. Using the outdoor space, we have investigated odd and even numbers and used natural resources to create multiplication and division arrays. This has supported our learning this term about multiplication and division and what the symbols mean. In addition to this, the children have been introduced to money and how to create totals and find change. If you are going out over the half-term break see if your child can pay for something using coins!

On the quest to become scientists, the children have been learning all about push and pull forces. We’ve had a fantastic time working out how to slow down balls on a ramp (many children showing great creativity and resourcefulness) and creating our own marble runs which required us to push and pull to make the marble move. All of these activities have been enjoyable whilst tapping into the children’s problem-solving skills and furthering their understanding of the topic.

Our PSHE looked at the virtue of citizenship and its meaning. The children looked to teach the Year Rs a new skill and were thrilled to go and work with them and show them how to do something new. They learnt about foodbanks and how they could contribute to the community and also discussed ways we could look after our own school environment. In addition, we have also considered what makes a healthy diet with much excitement we tried a wide range of unusual fruit and vegetables (some teachers admitted they had not tried a lychee before!) We were delighted to see some children fist pump the air as we offered them a try of avocado and were surprised by their new found love of grapefruit! Maybe this is a sign we all might need to get more adventurous in the fruit isle of Morrisons!



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