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Year 2

All classes at Elvetham Heath Primary School are named after famous authors. In Year 2 they are called Thomas (taught by Miss Ayre), Dahl (taught by Mrs Hatter) and Browne (taught by Mrs Hardy).


Year 2 Team (ID 1210)

It has been a busy start to the term in Year 2! We started off the year with a theatre workshop with Matrix Theatre Company who came in to teach us the history of The Great Fire Of London. The children dressed in clothes and acted out the parts of the Farriner family and the maid, Thomas Bludworth, King Charles, Samuel Pepys & Christopher Wren. It was a great hook into the topic ‘London: past & present.’ The children have continued to develop a deep understanding of this significant event through our history lessons.

We have enjoyed an English unit on Paddington Bear. The children were dismayed when Paddington went missing but after creating missing posters and meeting with the Year 6 children, the children were delighted when he returned to their class rooms. They next realised that Mrs Bird was unable to make Paddington’s favourite treat so created instructions to help her make marmalade sandwiches for a grand picnic. The topic concluded with the children creating their own Paddington at Elvetham Heath Primary School stories. 

A visit from Jo at Hampshire Fire Service was really engaging and taught us the dangers of fire and what we should do in an emergency. If you weren’t aware, you should be testing your smoke alarms once per week! Teachers raced against children putting on fire safety equipment…the children all won!

Our interest in the Great Fire of London has continued into our music and indoor PE lessons where we have been inspired by the music from the time of the Great Fire of London. We learned to sing both in unison and as a part of a round as well as beginning to learn how to use a glockenspiel. We also created dances to show the events of the great fire!

We are very excited to have planted some bulbs and can’t wait for them to grow! We have also started to investigate life-cycles looking at both humans and animals – we were all amazed to learn a tortoise can live up to 170 years!
Over the half term we have been cementing our knowledge on place value, showing off our skills with dienes, enjoying meeting greedy Chris Croc to work out which numbers are greater, smaller or equal and we have started to master our skills in counting in 10s, 2s, 5s and even threes! Our last few weeks were spent becoming familiar with the properties of 2D shapes and the teachers have all been very impressed by our time telling knowledge– why not get your child to show off their new skills!

The children have developed skills in watercolours during our art lessons and have loved learning how to make ‘juicy’ colours. We will be using our new-found skills to create a new coat for Paddington to protect him from the chilly London weather. In addition, we have been sketching London buildings inspired by Stephen Wiltshire (MBE). 

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all things London however are now feeling very autumnal and are looking forward to the half term break before another excellent topic begins!


Autumn Term



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 Welcome Meeting

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 Welcome to Year 2


Long Term Plan

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